Councillor Doug Oliver

I was born and educated in Bexhill, leaving in 1974 to further my career in banking.


I maintained a foothold as my parents were residents and the town always held so many fond memories and attractions, so when I returned in 2010 to nurse my aged father, it was an easy decision to make the move permanent. I am married with two children.


My career in banking for almost 40 years was within Sussex and Kent, retiring in 2007 as a Private Client Manager in Tunbridge Wells. In my younger years, I was a member of the Bexhill Athletics Club, and played football for Bexhill Town and Sidley United. I am now Vice President of Bexhill Cricket Club and a social member of the Bexhill Bowls Club.


I am passionate about my town, its charm and unique appeal – and believe that it needs stewardship for change in line with residents’ wishes. I am convinced that central government policy should not overlap in local issues. Local decisions need to be based on genuine consultation with residents as the funding comes from local taxes – it is your money and you should have a say in how it is spent!


The current Cabinet system is unfair and non-democratic and has been proved to be not in the best interests of Bexhill residents. My duty is to Collington residents, based on seeking your views and being able to voice your concerns. Bexhill is a delightful town that we are proud of, and I want to ensure that discussion and spending relating to Bexhill is made by a representative of the Bexhill residents.