No to a Town Council !!!

No to a Town Council !!!

On Monday 18th December 2017, the day had finally come for the Full Council Meeting of Rother District Council held at the Town Hall after months of campaigning for a Town Council. Hundreds of people turned up at Town Hall Square to a rally-organised by D4B- one last time to show the Council Members that Bexhill seeks change and greater local democracy. The rally included speeches and adapted Christmas Carols took place an hour before the Full Council Meeting which started at 18:30.

The Full Council Meeting had started right on time with Councillor Mrs Barnes chairing the meeting. Excellent questions from the public certainly put some Conservative Councillors under pressure after which the debate continued. It was quite apparent from the tone of the meeting that perhaps the Tory controlled group had already made up their minds despite what appeared to be an open debate. Full questions and answers can be viewed on the Rother website as with an audio recording. D4B had organised live streaming of the meeting to some 150 plus residents who because the public gallery was full listened to the proceedings in nearby St Johns Church.

The voting for a Town Council was 13 to 18, with four abstentions. Then a vote for “no change” and this was carried by 18 to 11 with five abstentions. The Conservative Councillors decided Bexhill does not need a Town Council even though a consultation was carried out gaining 8,631 preferred responses for a town council and responses against were a mere 364 for no change. How can this be with an overwhelming response from residents supporting a Town Council something every other Parish & Town has. The Secretary of State also has recently at the National Association Conference held in October 2017 strongly supported the Localism Act which advocates local councils. Can it get anymore ludicrous?

To read more about the result and how individual councillors voted follow the below links for more information.

Rother ignores the people of Bexhill